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A lot can happen with email; the person who is now viewing your message might be the perfect client for your brand. He/she might conversely not even be interested in the product, but he/she may have friends who might be. If this does not happen you have to start thinking that there may be something wrong in the message you sent and set about changing your ​​email marketing idea.

If one of these 9 reasons sounds familiar, start to think about a change!

1. The subject of the email seems negative

If the recipient has not opened the email message, the problem may be in the first 50 or fewer characters of the email. Excessive exclamation points can be misleading and deflect the message.

What to do: A/B testing of all sentences of the subject to make sure they reflect your message

2. Boring text.

Avoid long and monotonous text! Imagine a recipient who opens your message, but is already thinking of other things to do and is late for the next appointment; he/she surely has no time to read your novel and analyze the message.

What to do: how to capture his/her attention with an unusual, fun, short and concise message so as to win him/her over for a second appointment at a quieter time.

3. You forgot run the test on the devices

Before going on a date, you always check that you don’t have stains on your shirt, something stuck to your shoe, so appearance is important and that’s why you should check before you go.

What to do: Before you send an email, never forget to run the display test on various devices including mobile phones.

4. You have sent false advertising.

Do not overdo it with promises in the email and do not exalt your profile. If you are a seller and promise fantastic sales for the end of the month, do not do the same thing for next month.

What to do: If you are looking for customers with whom you wish to establish a lasting relationship, you have to describe your quality, so the customer can verify that and establish a rapport based on trust. It is not necessary to list your achievements.

5. You forgot the name.

During a first date, there is nothing worse that forgetting their name… it shows little interest or care for the customer. You have to customize the email including at least the recipient’s name.

What to do: When you send a message to the contact list of your db, customize the emails

6. You asked for money too soon.

Email is not the right way to make a sale. Often those who read your message are very busy people; they are in a hurry or are having a quick coffee break; to build a relationship with the customer, you have to educate them on your product or offer without being too direct with the price.

What to do: in the email never talk price; it’s fine to mention a program, a free trial or a product webcast

7. Share. Once again.

Do not share with the reader updates of little interest, like your company is celebrating its 13 years in business or how you are renovating the office.

What to do: choose topics of interest to your recipient. Your message has to get through to people who have not yet invested 100% in your brand

8. Do not look insecure.

Teasing competition makes us feel safer; however it is not professional to tell the competitor’s customer that our product is better and that they have a terrible product.

What to do: if you are truly the best among competitors, the results will prove it, there is no need to mention it.

 9. You have not listened.

Email marketing is about conversations; do not send messages about topics not relevant to the public. But listen to their behavior.

What to do: Use marketing automation to meet the preferences of the public and use the records to test the market.



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