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PowerSurvey is an addon, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, designed to send surveys and to manage contacts’ database, in order to have always updated customers’ profiles.

With PowerSurvey it is possible to customize each survey (Header, Footer, Background color, errors and messages), analyze survey data easily and quickly,  choose from many different question types and  send out surveys manually or automatically.

Below, an explaination step-by-step on how to create a survey.

  • Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM menu and click on the PowerSurvey tab.
  • Then create a new survey by clicking on “New” button
  • Click on the search tab and select a category or create a new one.
  • Click save and then click on PowerSurvey tab on the top
  • In the next page, select the only button available.

Choose between “Blank Page” and “Old Survey” then click right arrow to continue.

  • Select a category
  • Create new questions and select their type. You can choose between many types of question, as multiple choice, single choice, open-ended questions, ordinal scale questions and so on
  • Change template
  • Set the header, footer and write some text for the Landing Page

At this point, you can see a preview of what you did, and you are eventually able to come back and edit your work.

Before pressing the “Publish Form” button, be sure about the work you’ve done, because after the click, it isn’t possible to go back and modify your survey.

It is possible to send the surveys by Email Marketing Campaign, through our tool PowerClick, or to submit them face-to-face: in order to analyze the results, PowerSurvey provides advanced report and statistics.

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