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If you have the habit of reading regularly mail on your smartphone, you know very well that not always the experience that you have is the best.

You have to think that even the most beautiful  newsletter on your PC, is not always  beautiful on a small screen, so doesn’t have the same effect. In this article, I will try to give you some small best practices they can help you in troubleshooting common problems in creating a newsletter for mobile devices.

Why optimize your email for Smart Phone?

It is now known that the growth of mobile devices is increasing rapidly. In a recent interview that we conducted with our customers we realised that more than 25% open mail only from mobile. In addition most devices used is IOS (almost 80%)

This what it means to design increasingly compelling newsletters and especially accessible from mobile devices?

The tendency today is to have tools that will allow you the ability to create responsive mail (within the next week I will do an article dedicated to responsive newsletter) and especially have test tools on the mobile device to see the results of their work. PowerAddon today is a Marketing Automation tools ready for newsletters designers  that can take advantage of test tool on mobile devices that  is integrated into the PowerAddon platform.

In just a few clicks you can test on the most important mobile device of the market their own newsletter.

What are the e-mail client in smart phones?

The list that I present to you now is not exhaustive of all mobile email clients on the market.

Default device email clients

Client Media Query Support
Amazon Kindle Fire Yes
Amazon Kindle Fire HD Yes
Android 2.1 Eclair No
Android 2.2+ Yes
Apple iPhone Yes
Apple iPad Yes
Apple iPod Touch Yes
BlackBerry OS 5 No
BlackBerry OS 6+ Yes
BlackBerry Playbook Yes
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 No
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 No
Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Yes
Microsoft Windows Phone 8 No
Microsoft Surface No
Palm Web OS 4.5 Yes
Samsung Galaxy S3+ No



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