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How the new EU regulation on Data Protection impacts the daily management of email marketing campaigns.

Starting May 25, 2018 the new European regulation on data protection and privacy will come into force. This document will complement the current Italian Privacy Code. The regulation consists of 88 articles and 99 pages.

The new regulation is valid for all individuals and businesses that collect and process personal data. Personal data means the set of information that identifies a person or makes him or her identifiable. A subject’s name, last name, date of birth and address are personal data because they define their identity and private sphere

GDPR and email marketing

The new EU regulation does not specifically refer to email marketing activities, but introduces more detailed considerations on the concept of the “consent” of those who transmit their data.

The requirement for a concerned subject’s consent to be included in a mailing list obviously remains, as does their right to revoke the transfer of their data.

New subscribers to newsletters and GDPR

If you want to send newsletters, you must always ask for the consent of the interested subjects. The Double-Opt-In procedure remains a must, because it is a clear and direct expression of the person’s consent.

Sending newsletters in compliance with the new regulation

In order to send newsletters, the rules which currently exist are still valid. The end of the newsletter must include the legal notes and the real address of the company or business that will process the data. A link must also be inserted that allows each user to cancel their newsletter subscription.

The new European regulation is a very rich document which presents various indications for individuals and businesses. The message that the European Union wants to send with this regulation is the standardization of the rules in the field and the establishment of the same rights and obligations for all European private individuals and companies