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Knowing how to set up a search stream on twitter is very important if we want to see the conversations that actually interest us. Furthermore, comparing multiple streams allows us to analyse the activities of competitors.

In this article we will learn how to:

  1. Add a stream
  2. Use the advanced Twitter search filters

To add a search stream:

Step 1:
Click on the “+” button to add a new stream

Step 2:
Select the Social account

Step 3:
Select the “Search” button from the “Stream Type”

Step 4:
Enter any search query. For example @poweraddon (this allows us to listen to all the twitter containing the “PowerAddon” account)

The system will automatically load all the tweets that contain a mention to the @PowerAddon account

Twitter search queries and filters

Do not use commas to separate the search terms in your query. You can use spaces, which act like AND, so results will contain ALL the terms. Put OR between terms to pull results containing either term. See the filter table below for more options.

You can add filters to the end of your search queries to narrow your results. For example, you can search for tweets in a specific language, or from a specific user.

The query pizza lang:it min_retweets:5 min_faves:10 filter:images will display all tweets in Italian mentioning pizza that have at least 5 retweets, 10 likes and contain an image.

The Twitter search field supports up to 1,000 characters, but avoid using more than 10 keywords and filter operators.

Filter example


Twitter search containing both “twitter” AND “search”
“poweraddon marketing” containing the exact phrase “poweraddon marketing”
pizza OR pasta containing either “pizza” OR “pasta” (or both)
(strawberry OR banana) milkshake containing “strawberry milkshake” or “banana milkshake”
-RT excludes retweets
super -man containing “super” but not “man”
#blackfriday containing the hashtag “blackfriday”
from:poweraddon sent from user “poweraddon”
to:invoke sent to user “invoke”
@poweraddon mentioning user “poweraddon”
filter:verified containing tweets by verified users
list:poweraddon/deals containing tweets from the list “deals” by @poweraddon
-from:@username not containing tweets from a specific user
Timeframe (within the last 7 days)
ms since:2017-01-23 containing “superhero” sent since “year-month-day”
help until:2017-01-27 containing “help” sent up to “year-month-day”
unicorns 🙂 containing “unicorns” with a positive attitude
broken 🙁 containing “broken” and with a negative attitude
recommend ? containing “recommend” and asking a question
Links and Media
rainbows filter:links containing “rainbows” and linking to URLs
filter:images containing all posts with images
filter:links containing all posts with links
filter:videos containing all posts with videos
filter: media containing all posts with videos or images
Social Source containing Instagram content containing Foursquare content
twitpic containing Twitpic content
yfrog containing yfrog content containing Postly content
source:Facebook containing posts coming to Twitter from Facebook
exclude:nativeretweets does not include native retweets
news source:twitterfeed containing “news” and entered via TwitterFeed
exclude:retweets does not include regular RT retweets
Minimum Result
min_replies:5 containing tweets with 5 or more replies
min_retweets:30 containing tweets with 30 or more retweets
min_faves:100 containing tweets with 100 or more likes
Arabic lang:ar Danish lang:da
Dutch lang:nl English lang:en
Filipino lang:fil Finnish lang:fi
French lang:fr German lang:de
Greek lang:el Hindi lang:hi
Hungarian lang:hu Indonesian lang:id
Italian lang:it Japanese lang:ja
Korean lang:ko Malayalam lang:ml
Norwegian lang:no Polish lang:pl
Portuguese lang:pt Russian lang:ru
Simplified Chinese lang:zh-cn Spanish lang:es
Swedish lang:sv Tagalog lang:tl
Tamil lang:ta Thailand lang:th
Traditional Chinese lang:zh-tw Turkish lang:tr