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There is no point in denying it, the Far East is still an immensely important region for those who want to expand their business boundaries towards a distant but profitable area, and this is what is happening increasingly in the retail,  fashion and luxury sectors, which are progressively showing more interest in this region.
Those who have been dealing with this environment for some time will certainly be able to confirm that relations with China come up against a very high wall (apologies for the wordplay) that prevents or at least makes it difficult to deal with it, especially in terms of email marketing.
Consider for a moment the limits set by the PRC regarding Google and the social network par excellence Facebook, you can now imagine how difficult it is to deliver newsletters in China.
Let us think for a moment about the aforementioned wall and try to get around the problem, analyzing whether it is possible to deliver email marketing in China.
The problem of sending bulk emails to China domains because of politics and the policies applied at the Governmental level to Chinese firewalls, are the first real problem of sending bulk mail
We do not usually write articles where we talk about our solutions or our products, but rather we prefer to provide information on important issues so our readers do not come to us just to read a dull instruction booklet that illustrates how our offers work, but in this case we had to make an exception.
We at PowerAddon, together with direct Chinese Partners, are always committed to finding the best solutions to increase delivery to this region.
Currently SB Soft, along with Chinese Partners, is making agreements for the direct registration of its IPs towards the main Chinese ISPs (,,, This allows our customers to overcome the low message/rate limits usually applied to bulk emails, increasing delivery speeds and at the same time increasing the delivery rate across the whole region.
It goes without saying that if we had to advise you right now on a solution, we would recommend our own, considering the “need” to approach these regions, perhaps it is best to be prepared and put your trust in on one of the few, if not the only solution, that allows you to do this.

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