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One of the most frequent requests that you find in internet is to import an external list within the CRM and simultaneously create a marketing list without creating duplicates.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform doesn’t have this feature, you must use a workaround to be able to import the external list, but unfortunately you can’t avoid creating duplicates.
PowerAddon is the first suite in the world, integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM to have a tool that helps Digital Marketing Professional to import within Dynamics CRM external list thus avoiding import duplicates. PowerImport is a very powerful tool, that has an engine that is able to import lists from 500,000 record at a time. The tool allows you to define from time to time the structure of the Excel spreadsheet to import, without having a fixed structure.
In addition, the importing tool is designed to work in batches and warn the operator once it has finished importing the list.
These are  “10 simple steps to follow in order to use the tool for the  importing of an external marketing list :
1) Launch the tool PowerImport to begin the process of importing the list from Excel sheet (you can find the button to launch the tool here: MARKETING-MARKETING LISTS> > POWER IMPORT)

3) Choose an existing Marketing List or create a new one. In this case, we create a new one.

4) Insert the name of the new Marketing List, choose the type of list (ex: Contact) and press “Save”

5) The application has already selected the new marketing list that will have been created, press “Next” to continue

6) Select the file you want to import (in this case, I select the file “list1.xls) and press “Confirm

7) Select the action that you want to make, whether to add or remove contacts from the list. (The tool has a number of features that allow you to add members, remove them and add them again or update existing contacts)

8) After choosing what type of import you want, press “Next”

9) Define which is the primary key (this avoids duplicates), and associate each CRM attribute field and press the “Save Changes” and press “Next”

10) Back to the initial page of the tool, we will see that the tool will import your contacts into the new marketing list

Thanks to this tool, import your contacts within a Marketing List is really simple. You can also avoid having duplicates with this tool. For more information about PowerImport, please contact our sales department at and ask for a free webinar.



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