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Hello everyone,

with the release of  PowerAddon (version 2018.4.0.2), a series of new very important features have been implemented that will help marketers manage Dynamics 365 Marketing campaigns more efficiently.

Versioning Manager

The first big feature implemented is the “Versioning Manager”. This tool verifies in real time if the solution loaded in Dynamics 365 CRM is compliant with the version of PowerAddon. This feature helps the CRM IT manager understand if Dynamics 365 is in line with the latest version of PowerAddon. The check starts as soon as the organization is opened from the PowerAddon license control panel. In the event that an update is needed, you will see a “light blue” bar with a “Manage” button. It is also possible to open the Versioning Manager by clicking on the menu on the right and then selecting “settings.”

Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager feature has been added. This feature allows you to stop, cancel and change scheduled campaigns or campaigns that have not yet been launched.
To access the feature, click on the “Power Menu”, select “Email Campaign” and then click the right button to activate the menu dedicated to campaign management.

Domain Verification

We have implemented two new ways to verify the domain to be used for sending newsletters. The first is a file to be loaded into the root of the domain website that we need to verify. The second method is receiving an email at one of the addresses requested by the platform (administrator, postmaster, webmaster and info) and clicking on the link to confirm the verification. In this way, we have simplified the method our customers have to verify the domain before they can do bulk mailings.

Export of the CSV lists and Marketing List

In the report drill-through, we have implemented the Export CSV feature and creation of marketing lists feature on Dynamics 365. To take advantage of these two new features, follow these very simple steps:

  • Open a report
  • Click anywhere drill-through is allowed (Example: in the “sent messages” bar (see image)
  • Use the two new available features (see image).


This feature allows you to send a link to a Marketing list to confirm (pursuant to GDPR law) your own subscription to newsletter sending. The tool will help you by including “Do Not Bulk” to all contacts, leads and accounts entered in the marketing list once you have sent the email with the “GDPR LINK”. Only customers who click will be reinstated to receive newsletters via PowerAddon. When the user clicks, the tool will record all the necessary data:

  • Date
  • Time
  • IP

To insert the “GDPR Link”, open the newsletter designer, select the “INSERT” tab and in the “LINKS” area, click on GDPR Opt-In. Insert the text and the redirect link once the user has clicked on the link.

These are the important news that our development team has disclosed with the new 2018.4.0.2 release. For any information or request for new features, please contact our support team.

Stay Tuned