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Our Data Center has a Network Operation Center with high standard of physical and logical security, a skilled team that ensures quality and seamless supply of services. Full workability is guaranteed in every circumstance, 24h/7d. The main operative processes, related to service supply, are certified BS7799 and ISO 27001.


  • Perimeter security system  with bulletproof  glass and infrared rays barriers in the Data Center
  • Fire prevention system  with a console and fire and smoke detectors in order to report on every dangerous situation by an automatic system with emergency shutoff and emergency generators
  • Security Liquid Monitor System this system  monitors all liquid leaking   from technological installation and any flooding reported trough an acoustic alarms
  • Air-conditioning  System  to keep a stable temperature inside room
  • Tracking temperature and humidity System to monitor data and electrical rooms
  • Intrusion Detection Sensor with detectors and volumetric sensors, contact sensors on windows  and doors, sensors has been placed on  data center glass, integrated with access control systems to prevent anybody can get into the system
  • Video Surveillance System to completely monitor facilities from  inside and outside
  • Physical access control system  through a RFID based control system: access to visitors is permitted only upon the registration, the delivery of an identity card and a special temporary “pass”, but always accompanied by internal staff
  • Constant Hardware Maintenance

Technical Functional Features

  • Data Backup a periodic saving files, to avoid to loose or cancel important data files
  • Up-time  Server  gurantee
  • Constant Software Updates  costant updating of server and OS
  • Business continuity guaranteed by electrical systems with N + 1 and 2N redundancy, which allow facilities to work even during the absence of external power supply or in case of critical conditions such as a  blackout
  • Green Computing thanks to low enviroment impact our computers servers the entire data center has been built respecting the enviroment without consequences for work efficency
  • Secure Storage  distributed system made of several, redundant SAN nodes, providing a high degree of reliability and performance.
  • Firewall shared or dedicated Firewall installed on our network that ensures server side excellent protection, closing the external access to some system ports
  • Failure Management by configuring all Front-end servers in Cluster Load Balancing to avoid interruptions
  • Network IP Ripe: sending IP are registered directly  on RIPE database
  • Access Log to monitor access, with detail of IP, and to detect fraudulent log-in
  • SLA Service Level Agreement allows you to reserve customer a portion of bandwidth to send Messages in a period of time previously agreed
  • Providers Agreements  thanks to an automated management of Feedback Loop and List-Unsubscribe header that works  with Italian and  foreign providers
  • Secure Access  HTTPS
  • Expandability and  connectivity with national and international suppliers, in addition to the direct connection to the main Italian interchange points, ensures not only redundancy but also the best possible performance.


Connectivity is a fundamental for delivering Cloud services. SB Soft data center is connected to internet with an over 80 Gbit/s bandwidth and with redundancy of operators, divided between data centers IT1 and IT2, which in turn are interconnected by a bundle of 96 owned optical fibers to ensure accessibility of services even with the failure of one of the active connections.

Here highlighted our active links :

• 20 Gb/s with Wind

• 20 Gb/s with Cogent Communications

• 10 Gb/s with Interoute

• 10 Gb/s with Telecom Italia (direct peering)

• 10 Gb/s with the NAP “MIX” of Milan

• 1 Gb/s with the NAP “NaMeX” in Rome