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Recent studies by ReturnPath show that newsletters sent to Americans reach only 76% of e-mail accounts. This happens for various reasons. For example, the PowerAddon Marketing Cloud platform reaches around 96% of e-mail accounts thanks to a solid cloud infrastructure and the excellent reputation of the PowerAddon network IP addresses.

Clearly there are some tactics to adopt to ensure and improve the sending of newsletters. These are the 10 most important tips to follow to increase the probability that the message written reaches the recipient’s mailbox, so that it can then be converted into reading, opening, and clicking. If these 10 tips are followed, the brand’s reputation and user engagement will clearly improve.

1: Use a Double opt-in.
Using a Double opt-in has a dual application. First of all, because it ensures that the user is aware that his/her e-mail address will be entered into a mailing list, secondly because it makes our email marketing list compliant with the GDPR.

2: Make the content of the newsletter clear and engaging right from the subject line.
Ensure that the subject line of your newsletter is clear and, and at the same time, engaging.

3: Choose the “from” carefully.
It is important that the “from” always reflects who is sending the e-mail. If it is an institutional e-mail, you must use an institutional address (Example: newsletter[@]poweraddon.com). If it is an e-mail from the company CEO, or the company team, use the person’s or team’s e-mail.

4: Segment the marketing list.
It is essential to well-define the list to which the information is sent. Each list is different from another. Not all customers are the same; nor should they receive the same newsletter.

5: Reduce the list.
Use grip marketing to understand how users react to various newsletters, this allows for always sending only communications that can truly be of interest to people.

6: Check the “Spam Traps” implemented by the various ISPs.
Each ISP will create its own basic rules to identify the newsletters and add them to their black list.

7: Check the reputation of your domain.
Use the tools provided by the network to periodically check if your domain has an acceptable score. The higher the reputation, the more you will be sure that the newsletters sent will not end up in spam.

8: Study the reports.
PowerAddon has a series of very important reports and metrics that can help you to better define your next marketing strategy. Great attention should be given to clicks and openings. To the time each user takes to read your information. By paying attention to these details, your next e-mail marketing campaign will surely have better performance.

9: Always make it very easy to unsubscribe!
It may seem strange, but making it easy to unsubscribe prevents an angry customer from reporting the newsletter to the DNS Black List as spam.

10: Attention should be given to the frequency by which newsletters are sent.
Monitoring how customers react to newsletters is fundamental, this also allows for evaluating when to send the next communication.

These are just some tips that if put into practice can improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. The last tip I can give you is that although the ability to send newsletters is essential, what is even more important is the quality of the newsletter content. Without good content, and without precisely understanding the frequency by which to send information, it will be very difficult to improve your performance.

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